Leporello managed the production of the book La fille du marchand de figues de Barbarie for Editions Magnard.

“Our book is lovely ! I love the choice of papers, thicker, less glossy, and the text and illustrations combine so well ! I’m delighted, many thanks !”

Muriel Bloch, Illustrator. youth book printing

Here’s another book produced for Editions Magnard: L'Herbier de Lulu.

Leporello took up the challenge for this book: all the right hand pages have a flap printed both sides, that fold back onto the page. Once folded back, there can be no discrepancy between the printed images. Additionally, a European print solution was required.

Fabrication et impression livre jeunesse

Guénolée Dupart, Editor and Designer, contratulates the Leporello team on their work :

“It’s beautiful; well-made and well printed!!! We are amazed by the almost invisible joins on the flaps.
“The high quality of the printing is really noticeable, as well as that of the binding, les the flaps fall perfectly, impeccable! Thank you for this amazing job !”

Mélanie Edwards, Editor

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