LEPORELLO, Savoir-faire

What sets Leporello apart is its ability to cut through complexity
by providing suitable technical support and personalised help
for book makers and creative publishers


Leporello takes care of everything for you, from design to monitoring manufacturing and production logistics.
Étude du projet
Leporello has a network of leading publishing suppliers with recognised expertise and reactivity. It carefully selects the best talents to align your creative, technical, and economic requirements. Each client project is developed with a dedicated solution for the book's particular characteristics, down to the smallest details, in accordance with Leporello quality standards.
Printer’s Representative
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Its proficiency in the graphic arts chain of supply, and the subtle complexities of book production, will nurture your ideas and help bring your projects to life, starting at the prototype stage. Working at your side, as a source of ideas and advice, Leporello combines complete project management with detail-oriented monitoring. Its team ensures compliance with your deadlines, budgets, and quality standards while also coordinating all the service providers.
Print & Production Management
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Monitoring the close links between print and digital publishing, Leporello is constantly identifying groundbreaking innovations and devising ways to use them for your projects. Enhanced books, embedded NFC technology, augmented reality... Leporello is pioneering new reading experiences. It relies on a network of partner resources, each of which is an expert in the field, to offer you a consolidated solution.
Research and Development

The Leporello difference

Recognised assets that mean our clients keep coming back to us.
  • Training Workshops

    Working closely with your team, Leporello believes in sharing and exchanging knowledge. It regularly organises training workshops that allow participants to deepen their understanding of specific technical aspects of production or learn about book-related legal requirements, such as safety standards for children’s products.
    The full programme is available from your Leporello contact.
  • Meetings and Dialogue with Partners

    As the link between the various publishing players, Leporello holds themed meetings covering the entire book production chain and the latest events related to it, upon request from clients. Digital technology, innovative finishing techniques, shipping logistics...
    Leporello's partners are also available to provide you with their professional experience and solution
  • Sourcing & Transparency

    In France and at international trade shows, Leporello seeks out and identifies the best manufacturers for its clients. A panel of specialities is constantly being identified, interviewed, and audited on-site for intangible quality and CSR criteria.
    Leporello thus provides its clients with solutions that comply with the transparency required for their businesses.