LEPORELLO, Engagements

Our people-orientated structure
revolves around trust,
coming from honesty
and respect.

Your goals, our promises

Making your books requires a quality that is beyond reproach, and requires compliance with your budgets and deadlines. To accomplish this, you call on the best suppliers, ones you trust completely to carry out your projects. Your partners are also there to support you with any challenge: new project development, innovation, technical research, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and more.

Our objective : to meet every one of your expectations and provide you with impeccable quality for the manufacture of your books
  • Selecting suppliers, products, and materials according to strict standards

    • - Based on specifications that we define together
    • - Challenging suppliers to optimise your budgets
    • - Visiting and auditing factories before first production (France, Europe, and Overseas)
    We use specialists for production site audits and inspections, product compliance, and in-factory quality inspections and monitoring - especially for production in Asia.
  • Organising stringent production monitoring

    • - Reserving schedules at different suppliers as far ahead as possible
    • - Being present, when necessary, for passing books on press, and at the binding stage
    • - Coordinating every stage, from design to delivery
    • - Using the most relevant quality methods and tools (KPI, PDCA, BCP/DR, etc.)


Seeking out and discovering new ideas to help our clients set themselves apart
  • Providing ongoing research to ensure that we are always up-to-date with the latest trends (print, technology, etc.)
  • Proposing innovative products, while assessing technical capacities, costs, deadlines, and quality.

Working together on common-sense fundamentals

Charte des Relations Fournisseurs Responsables

Promoting dialogue with our clients and suppliers in order to build balanced, long-lasting relationships.

We have signed a responsible supplier relations charter (the French “Charte des Relations Fournisseur Responsables”) with its 10 core principles > www.relations-fournisseur-responsables.fr

Download the "charte RFR"

Encouraging employee well-being by trusting them to work independently while also creating a professional, harmonious workplace

We ensure that no one is using undeclared labour (French “Obligation de Vigilance” requirement)

Carrying out concrete initiatives for protecting the environment

Soutenir les associations dans leur action

Choosing the right raw materials: recycled or certified paper (FSC, PEFC, etc.), vegetable-based inks, etc.

We have been FSC and PEFC certified since 2010

Sorting and recovering waste, with recycling as a priority

We chose the Recygo solution to recycle our office paper
Soutenir les associations dans leur action

Working to protect wildlife

20,000 helpers buzz about on the roofs of our offices, working hard every day to provide us with sweet, delicious honey!

Our suppliers' commitments

Our partners (pre-press, paper, printing, finishing, routing, logistics, etc.) put their specialised expertise to work, providing high quality services and the attention to detail needed for each stage of the process of creating your books

Each of our suppliers has its own suitable tools and methods, which have been recognised with certifications: FSC and PEFC, ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), OSHAS 18000 (safety), ISO 12647 (colour), Imprim'Vert, Print Environnement, European Ecolabel, etc.